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I am a British author, born in 1950. I maintain eight websites as a complement to my books. Not Exposed was composed in reaction to the activity of a persistent cyberstalker. Gerald Joe Moreno, of New Mexico, stigmatised and libelled many people for daring to criticise his guru, whose notoriety surfaced by the year 2000. The cyberstalker also reacted to criticism of himself.

As one of the targets of Moreno, I felt justified in presenting an overview of his attacks and ruses. People of very different backgrounds are mentioned and profiled to some extent in the posts under discussion. Moreno claimed to “expose” his critics, whom he represented as being in hopeless error.

Gerald Joe Moreno died in 2010, in rather obscure circumstances. Many of his materials subsequently disappeared from the web. Such blatantly stigmatising persons are often called trolls. Moreno was more than a troll, being an obsessive cyberstalker with a prolific online output. His industry is undeniable. Some parties have commented that the record at this site is useful for documentary purposes. This site was completed in 2014 and features 27 posts.

Kevin R. D. Shepherd

November 2018

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